Frequently Asked questions


In our studio:

Design star at $15

hand design run between $20-$45

For more extensive work $75 per hour apply.

Henna house call are available with a minimum of one hour schedule, $95 per hour per artist.

Traveling fee apply when locations is more than 1 hour away from 32825

How long does the stain last?

  • Henna and jagua can last from a week to a month depending of your skin and the after care. Usually the stain looks fresh the first week and then slowly fades.

By appointment 

817 Menendez Ct Orlando Fl 32801

Why do you charge a Deposit for appointments?

We decided to star charging a deposit because to many people schedule appointments and did not show up, the deposit goes towards the payment of your henna just look at it as paying a part of your henna in advance.

How I prepare for my henna or jagua session?

  • Keep in mind that, the henna paste must remain on the skin for at least 6 hours or overnight for best result. Once the paste has been removed another 6 hour without contact with water is recommended.
  • For jagua only two hours of setting time is required, then you need to removed the paste with soap and water.
  • Is recommended to bathe before your appointment and do not apply lotion to the area where the henna will be.
  • Get your manicure, pedicures and shaving before your session.
  • Wear comfortable clothes.

When is the best time to schedule my henna or jagua?

  • Schedule your henna or jagua about 48 hour prior to your special event, to allow color to deepen.
  • Allow minimum of 2 hours for a standard bridal henna session, or up to 4 hours for more detail extensive work.
  • Book a second henna artist to henna your guest at a large party. World henna offer multiples henna artist for all size events.

Does henna work on dark skin tone?

  • Yes, henna show up on almost everyone.
  • Jagua is more visible on dark skin.

Where can I get my design?

  • You can get henna anywhere in your body, but henna stain the best where the skin is thicker like hand and foot. In the rest of the body the henna stain will be lighter.
  • Jagua show pretty much anywhere in the body.

How long do it take?

  • It can take an artist from few minutes for a simple design to several hours for more intricate designs.

Is henna safe?

  • Henna and jagua is totally natural and it is considered safe for most people, henna is usually mix with lemon juice, so if you are allergic to citrus henna is not recommended.