Bridal Mehndi Henna:

Types of Mehndi designs available: Traditional Indian Mehndi, Arabic Mehndi, Rajasthani Mehndi, Glitter and gems are available upon request.

World Henna makes a great effort for every client to have a special experience with her Bridal Mehndi henna ceremony. For bridal henna clients, all packages include a free 30 min. consultation to discuss design details, pricing and any special requests. Most of the designs are one of a kind. We create custom designs based on what we discuss at the consultation.

Bridal Henna Mehndi prices starts at $150- $400


The bridal henna Mehndi ceremony is about beauty and elegance and symbolizes the Outer and the Inner Sun. The bridal henna Mehndi is one of the sixteen adornments of the bride and her beauty is believed to be incomplete without it. The bridal henna mehndi ceremony normally takes place two days before the wedding ceremony. During the bridal henna mehndi ceremony, turmeric paste is applied on a bride’s face, feet and hands. After this, a skilled bridal henna Mehndi expert like World Henna applies beautiful henna Mehndi designs on the bride. Traditionally, the Mehndi applied to the bride was obtained by drying the leaves of the Henna plant.

Bridal Packages: 

Copper Package $150:   Simple Strip of Mehndi on top of hand up the wrists, Simple Strip of Mehndi inside the palms up the wrists, Simple Strip of Mehndi feet.

Silver Package $250: Simple Strip of Mehndi on top of hand up to mid arm, Medium intricate  inside palms up the wrists, Medium intricate  feet.

Gold Package $300: Intricate design all the way around the arm up to elbow, Intricate design feel up to mid leg.

Platinum Package $400: Intricate design all the way around the arm up to bicep, Intricate design feet up to the knee.

Traveling fee: apply when locations is 60min away from 32825